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Veterinary Practice Profits was setup to help veterinary practice owners across the USA and the rest of the world to grow their practice faster than they ever thought possible by implementing renegade, yet proven,  marketing and business building strategies.

Renegade? Yes, what we have to teach you, goes against the grain of how 95% of other veterinarians market their practice but is what has been proven to work in veterinary, dental, chiropractic as well as many other practice based small businesses.

Steve Maughan
Steve has over fourteen years of Animal Health Business Experience and in fact, has worked with three of the top five Animal Health Companies in the World and in over thirty countries worldwide.

Dean Biggs
Dean is a marketing expert with over fifteen years experience with expertise in developing profitable Internet presences for businesses.

We’re not veterinarians but that gives us the advantage of being able to provide a very fresh perspective and we can open mental blinkers that consultants who are veterinarians can’t provide.

After all, marketing is our area of expertise and veterinary medicine is yours. If you needed an extension built on your practice you wouldn’t do it yourself, you would ask a building expert and if you wanted a veterinary practice computer system you would ask a software expert so why should your marketing be any different?

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