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For overworked, underpaid, and overstressed Veterinarians:

“FREE Book Reveals The Secrets To Growing Your Veterinary Practice By +25% Every Year In The New Economy
…With Minimum Stress, More Time Off And More Vacations!”

Discover What More Than 95% of Practice Owners Don’t Know

Dear Veterinary Practice Owner,

If you’ve been looking for the missing ingredient you need to grow your practice bigger and quicker than you ever thought possible… then this will possibly be the most life-changing message you will ever read. Our names are Steve Maughan and Dean Biggs and, with your permission – and with strict precautions for your privacy – we would like to send you a FREE copy of our revealing Book and CD that will give you an insight into the strategies that the top 2 to 3% of veterinary practices would rather we didn’t reveal.

Here’s What It’s All About:

After working for over 15 years as consultant to some of the largest animal health companies in the world, Steve has analyzed the performance of thousands of veterinary clinics across the USA and beyond. He was always amazed at the variation in sales from one practice to another. Why was one practice struggling to stay in business when a similar practice, in close proximity, was booming?

This prompted Steve to seek the truth behind why such a small percentage of veterinary practice owners are having the success and lifestyle their years of hard work and training deserve. What is the “secret sauce” that a few practices have discovered that allows them to relentlessly grow no matter what is happening to the economy?


What Steve found was simply astonishing. Most veterinary practices, whether they are successful or not, are living the same year over and over again. They very rarely try something new and rely on the same strategies year in, year out. Does this ring any bells with you?
Even more amazing was that, although the top performing practices were doing things differently to everyone else, none of them were utilizing all of the practice building strategies that have been proven to work time and time again yet they were booming by just using a few strategies that they keep a closely guarded secret.
This led to Steve’s biggest find….

The Most Successful Practices Are Using
Strategies & Systems That Are Economy Proof!

The most successful veterinary practices in the land have figured out how to excel at a few ‘economy proof’ strategies and harness them like a powerful jet fuel to launch their practice out of the doom and gloom onto planet success!
But while some practices have learned how to put in place some of the key pieces to completing the veterinary success jigsaw, the good news for you is that none have truly ‘cracked the code’!


Having made these ‘ground breaking’ discoveries, and teaming up with Dean Biggs, an expert small business marketer, Steve has decided to do the one thing that the top practices fear most and teach these ‘Insiders Secrets’ to veterinary practices across the country through his new company Veterinary Practice Profits.
And despite the likely backlash from the ‘top dogs’, we are offering the veterinary community a free taste of his findings by offering a limited number of FREE copies of his new book and CD titled ‘How to Consistently Grow Your Veterinary Practice By +25% Every Year’. The information in this kit is priceless but will have a $97 price tag when released on general sale.
This astonishing new book, and accompanying CD, reveals new insights into veterinary practice growth, until now kept as closely guarded secrets, by the top performing veterinarians in the world including:

  • Learn the Key Master Skill to life long success. (Learning this one skill can help you break into the elite top bracket of veterinarians who are leading an affluent life with less stress and more time off!)
  • Skip years of frustration by learning the simple strategy, developed over 70 years ago (but still relevant today), that will differentiate your practice from the 95% of practices that deliver the “the same old, same old”. (This simple shortcut will catapult your growth and profits way beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.)
  • The cold hard facts that 95% of veterinary practice owners find hard to take but give the top 5% bigger profits, faster growth, more time off and less stress. (This insiders secret is the key to spending more guilt-free vacations with your family while your practice continues to grow without you on autopilot.)
  • The simple decision SMART veterinarians make that instantly sets up your practice for success and eliminate any worries over “doing things right” (especially for your staff). The result: Happier staff, happier customers…and less stress for everyone in your practice, including YOU!
  • Learn “The 3 Irrefutable Pillars Of Veterinary Practice Growth” and the compound effect applying each one will have on your profits. (When you master these pillars you’re life will never be the same again.)
  • How to attract a flood of new clients into your practice each month “like clockwork” without dropping your prices! (Once you know this insider secret you will never have to worry about getting new clients through your doors again!)
  • How to prevent your clients from being “poached like cattle” by your competitors. (Learn the proven strategy for “building a fence around your herd” that will keep them with you for life!)
  • How to increase your average revenue per client without increasing your prices, including the super simple tactic that McDonalds used to double their profits worldwide that you can use in your veterinary practice too! (This astonishingly easy technique is well used by smart business but ignored by 99% of veterinary practice owners!)
  • Learn how to set the foundations that all successful practices are be built on, without which could sink you like a ‘brick in quicksand’! (If you have any ambitions to open multiple practices then these foundations are vital!)
  • A quickie “Idiots Guide” to consumer psychology! (Instantly understand exactly what makes your clients tick…and how to “fulfil their human needs” to the point where they simply can’t leave your veterinary practice for anywhere else.
  • Learn the #1 strategy that, when implemented, will automatically allow you to increase your prices without resistance while retaining more clients, getting more referrals and creating more trust with your clients than ever before! (This same strategy made Walt Disney a wealthy man and can be implemented into your practice!)
  • How to apply the principle commonly employed by the greatest entrepreneurs in the land that will simplify your life, remove the chaos and help you focus on your best practice growing activities. (This one strategy alone, will help you grow your practice quicker than you ever thought possible and create time that you never thought existed.)
  • The simple action plan to get you started immediately so that you can start implementing what you’ve learned as soon as you’ve read the book.
  • How working with other like-minded, but non-competing, veterinarians can save you a clock-ful of hours and a vault-ful of dollars! (The Mastermind Group maybe the world’s most powerful but underused business strategy yet access to your very own veterinary mastermind group is easier than you think!)

Don’t worry if you’re too busy “putting out fires” to read the book as it comes with a 30 minute audio CD so that you can listen to the content while you are driving in your car, or even laying in bed at night. We’ve even kept it to 30 minutes as it has been proven that the very best way to “absorb” information is in half-hour chunks.
By the way, the strategies in this FREE book are based around providing the best possible client experience and patient care and this book is only suitable for those who hold these values with high regard too. There’s nothing unethical or underhand to worry about here.

So why are we giving this book & CD away for free?
Well that’s no big secret, we know that in this life ‘you reap what you sow’ and by giving you strategies to help you grow your practice, you will get a thirst for more success and want to work with Veterinary Practice Profits again in the future.


Whether you’ve just taken the reigns of your first practice, you’re a seasoned veteran looking to break the monotonous cycle of life or you’re simply looking for an ‘edge’ over your competition then this book & CD could be the answer you’re looking for.

There Are Only 1,200 Copies Available So Act FAST!

There are just under 24,000 ‘small animal exclusive’ veterinary practices in the USA so this exclusive offer is only available to the first 5% who reply. The SMART veterinarians will act now and grab their copy to effectively get a ‘jump start’ on the other 95% of small animal practices out there.

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