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How To Attract Affluent Pet Owners To Your Practice

Lessons To Future Proof Your Practice

When the economy is down and your clients are making fewer visits to your practice, and spending less while they’re in your practice, what should you do?

Well there is one increasingly growing section of our population who in times of an economic downturn are the least and last affected – the affluent.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn:

  • Who these these affluent pet owners are and where to find them in your area
  • How to attract affluent pet owners to your practice
  • How to setup your practice to appeal to affluent pet owners
  • What services to offer that will attract them to into your practice
  • And much more…

One Time Investment of just: $197

The Secret To Attracting A Flood of Dental Patients to Your Veterinary Practice

Research shows that one of the most profitable services you can provide in your veterinary practice is dentistry. The math is simple, dental procedures typically take four times as long to perform as say vaccinations but have ten times the value. Add to this a higher profit margin than other services and it’s easy to see how attracting more dental patients can boost your profits significantly.

In this step-by-step guide we will show you:

  • How to position your veterinary practice as the pet dentistry leader in your area.
  • How to significantly boost your profits by attracting a flood of dental patients to your practice.
  • How to charge more for dental care than your competitors and still have pet owners choose you over them.
  • How to sign up more dental patients in two days than you have previously been able to sign up in two months!
  • Plus much more …

One Time Investment of just: $197

How To Make The Internet Work For Your Veterinary Practice

Does your website generate a constant flow of new clients every month? The truth is that most veterinary practice owners have no idea if their website generates any business at all, let alone where to start to ensure that it does.

How would you like a proven system that attracts new clients to your practice on autopilot, even when you’re not there?

No, joke! The Internet is not only here to stay but is growing every year and if you’re not geared up to take advantage of it then you are literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Not only that but if you do not attract the clients that are searching for your services, right now, your competitors will!

Learn the Secrets to making the Internet work for your practice that 95% of other veterinary practices do not know plus:

  • Learn how to build an online Client Attraction System.
  • Attract the qualified leads that are looking for your services right now!
  • Learn how to use the Internet to build a relationship with new and existing clients so that they stay, pay and refer.
  • And much more…

One Time Investment of just: $197

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The Veterinary Practice Health Check Breakthrough – The 10 Numbers You MUST Know Every Day

How can you measure your practice on a daily basis to see if it is on the right track to meet your ultimate goals? Just as you can check how healthy your patients are by checking their vital signs you need to be able to take the pulse of your practice on a daily basis.

The first step in reaching the goals for your practice is to get really honest, and find out the truth so you can begin to make plans for change.

Most DVMs want their practices to be more successful but really don’t understand where they need to be working to meet that ultimate goal. But we have developed a ‘fool-proof’ way to take the guess work out of the equations.
Key Numbers You MUST Know:

  • The metrics that give you an instant pulse on healthy growth
  • How much do you need to be spending on marketing to meet your goals and NOT waste your time and energy
  • What important number you need to know FIRST, before starting your action plan
  • “THE-SECRET-THAT-PROS-ONLY-KNOW” of how to cut costs in marketing and increase new client numbers to grow your practice
  • Tips and tricks to get your clients to work for the practice to increase your numbers and create growth with you
  • The Commonly missed monitor that shows how well your treatment presentation system is working so you can improve it
  • Plus: Verbal skills to not overwhelm clients but to get them moving forward with their pet care

One Time Investment of just: $197