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New Book Reveals The Secrets To Growing Your Veterinary Practice In The New Economy!

The days when all a veterinarian needed to do to be successful was find a half decent location and put a sign outside are long gone. We are now living in a new economy in which pet owners are much more value conscience.

In this revealing book Steve Maughan and Dean Biggs, co-founders of Veterinary Practice Profits, share some practical MUST KNOW strategies you were never taught at veterinary school but now vital to growing a veterinary practice in this New Economy, including:

  • What is the ‘New Economy’ and what does it mean to veterinary practices?
  • The key skill that most veterinarians lack which is now essential to survive and thrive in the New Economy.
  • The big question every veterinary practice owner must ask themselves every single day!
  • The two segments of the pet owning population who most veterinarians ignore but who can propel the profits of any veterinary practice when targeted.
  • The three irrefutable pillars of veterinary practice growth.
  • How to attract a flood of new clients into your practice each month “like clockwork” without dropping your prices!
  • How to prevent your clients from being “poached like cattle” by your competitors.
  • How to increase your average revenue per client without increasing your prices, including the super simple tactic that McDonalds used to double their profits worldwide that you can use in your veterinary practice too!
  • How to set the foundations that all successful practices are built on, without which could sink your practice like a ‘brick in quicksand’!
  • Plus much, much more…

(Foreword By Robert Jones, Head International,
Novartis Animal Health)

262 pages of Practical MUST KNOW Strategies You Were NEVER TAUGHT at Veterinary School for just $47.