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If you’ve been struggling to grow your practice…or you’re just looking for some new ideas to give your practice a boost… this will be the most important web page you’ve ever read!


You see, the key to growing your practice is to build on the three irrefutable pillars of veterinary practice growth …ignore them at your peril… Client Attraction, Client Retention and Client Revenue. In fact, growing all three together can have such a compound effect on the growth of your practice that, as incredible as it sounds, it is possible to grow your practice by double digit percentages within months not years!


But here’s the problem…

The Challenge Facing Veterinary Practice Owners

Many economists believe we have entered the dawn of a new economy and gone are the days that a veterinarian could open a new practice and make it a success with little or no marketing. The economy is getting a wake-up call and a realization that there is no real need to have three businesses of the same type within in a one mile radius of each other… and that includes veterinary practices!

The challenge you face is that being the best veterinarian in their area is no longer a guarantee of success; you see the cold hard truth is…

A veterinarian who is better at marketing – and who creates better systems –

will have more success than a veterinarian who is more clinically skilled!

And let’s just clear something up… we know not all veterinary practice owners are interested in growing their practice. In fact we know that some veterinarians have been conditioned to believe that marketing and advertising is somehow immoral, unprofessional or even unethical but our view is this:

If you believe your veterinary practice delivers first class patient care then
it’s your duty to the pets in your area to let their owners know about it!
Not doing so leaves them at the mercy of those that do not adhere to your standards!

Watch and listen to the video below to hear what Dr Peter Weinstein, Executive Director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (the largest regional veterinary medical association in the USA), had to say to us on the subject when we caught up with him at a recent veterinary workshop, at which we were invited to teach…

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But we know how busy you are… you’re so focused on doing the task at hand, seeing patients, answering questions from staff and putting out fires… it’s not enough just to learn what the practice building strategies are, you need to know how to implement them.

What you really need are…

Real How-To Practice Building Secrets, Handed To You On A Plate… In A Format You Can Easily Digest and Implement!

We were determined to create a community of ambitious like-minded veterinary practice owners who endeavor to give a world-class client experience and patient care. This led us to form…

The Veterinary Insiders Club

If you want real How-To strategies that you can implement each month to take your practice to places you never thought possible then this is for you! You see, each month we’ll give you some shortcuts and secrets to marketing and building your practice that, if implemented, will give your practice an instant boost, like a shot of adrenalin.

We’ll give you enough each month to make a huge difference in your practice but not too much as to overwhelm you. However, please heed this warning… these strategies are so powerful that each one, in isolation, has the power to increase your bottom line dramatically. The compound effect that implementing just one of these strategies each month will have on your practice overall could be life-changing for you and your family… if you think that a huge increase in your finances will cause problems in your life then please do not apply.

Here’s what Dr. Kelly Culbertson, owner of Town & Country Animal Hospital in Ocala, FL had to say about us…

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As a member of our Veterinary Insiders Club you will receive:

  • ‘Passport To Veterinary Practice Profits Newsletter’
    Mailed to you each month, this physical newsletter contains a vault of real ‘How-To’ strategies for growing your practice including:
    • How to attract a flood of new clients into your practice each month “like clockwork” without dropping your prices! (Once you know this insider secret you will never have to worry about getting new clients through your doors again!)
    • How to prevent your clients from being “poached like cattle” by your competitors. (Learn how to implement the #1 proven strategy for “building a fence around your herd” that will keep them with you for life!)
    • How to turn your clients into raving fans that refer other pet owners to your practice in droves. (imagine just one referral per client would double your practice…we show you how to get multiple referrals from your clients!)
    • Learn how to have new revenue in your practice account at the start of each month before you’ve even opened the doors! (this strategy is not only legal, and ethical, but your clients and your bank manager will love it!)
    • Learn how to create newspaper and magazine adverts that actually work! (a working ad that runs each month can be like a gold mine for your practice!)
    • Learn how to keep track of your marketing, some practices waste money for years without knowing it on the wrong advertising source. (we show you how to spot the winners and losers early so that you can focus on what works rather than what doesn’t!)
    • How to increase your average revenue per client without increasing your prices, including the super simple tactic that McDonalds used to double their profits worldwide that you can use in your veterinary practice too! (This astonishingly easy technique is well used by smart business but ignored by 99% of veterinary practice owners!)
    • Learn how to ‘ethically’ get your clients to visit your practice more often, hence increasing their average spend.
    • Learn how to set the foundations that all successful practices are built on, without which could sink you like a ‘brick in quicksand’! (If you have any ambitions to open multiple practices then these foundations are vital!)
    • Learn how to really make the Internet work for your veterinary practice and the biggest mistake that veterinarians make with their website. (It’s not what you think!)
    • Learn how to create a USP (unique selling proposition) that will have clients driving past less expensive practices closer to home to bring their pet to . (implementing this strategy will turn your practice into a ‘powerful pet owner magnet’.)
    • Learn the secret to getting your sales message out to pet owners that will make them flock to you in droves. (you know how good you are but we’ll show you how to let you future clients know in a way that makes you the only option in town!)
    • Learn how new strategies working in businesses and practices outside of the veterinary world can be applied to your practice! (we’ll find them for you and then show you how and why to implement them!)
    • Plus much, much more….

    (If you apply just one, or in some cases just part of one, of the strategies contained in this newsletter each month you will be ahead of 90% of the other competing veterinary practices in your area!)

  • Companion Audio CD – The newsletter comes complete with an audio CD, so that you can listen to it in the car or even in bed!
    People process information in different ways so this CD will help reinforce the points in the newsletter in a different way that will help you absorb the information. (Think of this as having your own private coach each month. What better way to start your day than some inspired advice on how to make you practice grow, that will keep you focused and the momentum growing.)
  • A Marketing Sample worth over $500
    As an Insiders Club Member, each month you will receive a new marketing piece (newspaper ad, postcard, letter, on-line strategy, etc) so that you can ‘hit the ground running’ each month and pull in a ‘deluge’ of new clients without having to think how. (This one piece which could be a letter, postcard or newspaper advert would cost you at least $500 to have developed but is yours FREE as part of your membership.)

 All-in-all, this is a pretty amazing opportunity for your practice, don’t you agree?

But hey, don’t take our word for it . Watch what Dr. Rick Marrinson, an Insiders Club Member, has to say…

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And Dr. Marrinson isn’t the only one benefiting from being a member of our Insiders Club, here’s what Dr Chris Kelley had to say:

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 Profit Boosting Secrets Every Month For
Less Than The Price Of A Night Out!

While it would cost thousands each month to employ a marketing expert to help you grow your practice…we know practices that have paid $40,000 for less advice than you will receive in our Newsletters…we want to give you every chance to build your practice quickly and remove price as an issue to becoming a member, which is why you can become a member of our Veterinary Insiders Club and get everything we described above for just $97 per month. That’s explosive business growing information for less than the price of a night out for two at a decent restaurant!

But wait there’s more…


We want to make sure there are no obstacles preventing you from giving this a try. You need to get to know us and trust us so as an act of good faith, we’re offering you the chance to try our Veterinary Insiders Club for just $1! Try it for one month for just $1 and if it’s not for you just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership, no questions asked and you can keep everything we sent you! That’s right you get all the benefits described above and you can have them for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

The question you need to ask yourself is…

Am I going to waste the next dollar I spend on half a cup
of coffee OR am I going to invest it in the future of ?

And just to make it a complete no brainer…



Take Advantage Of Our Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!



Satisfaction Guarantee         
Join our Veterinary Insiders club today and take advantage of our ‘at least 10 times the value’ guarantee. If you think that in any month your membership doesn’t deliver at least $970 worth of ideas and information, you can tell us to take a hike. We will cancel your membership and send you a prompt refund for that month, no questions asked. We won’t be happy to know we failed your value-test, but that will be our problem, not yours. All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours, so join risk-free today.

Still not sure?

Here’s what Dr Mark Reilly had to say after a recent veterinary workshop we were asked to teach at in Boston, MA.

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It’s Easy To Join!

To join our Veterinary Insiders Club just click on the button below or call us on 877-EZ4-VETS (877-394-8387).

And we urge you NOT to put it off. The faster you get started, the quicker you can implement the strategies we give you and the quicker you’ll be to increasing your revenue.

WARNING: We are strictly limiting the number of new clients we can put into our Veterinary Insiders Club because letting too many veterinary practices have it would negate the effect. Members will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis, if there aren’t any places left when you apply we will refund your investment and add you to our waiting list.

Oh, and we almost forgot, we’ve got another very special bonus if you take action NOW…

Join Now And Get These Special Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

Very Special Bonus #1

How To Make The Internet Work For Your Veterinary Practice ($197 Value)

If you’re website isn’t consistently bringing new clients into your practice each month, or you don’t have a website at all, then you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table each year.

The truth is that most veterinary practice owners have no idea if their website generates any business at all, let alone where to start to ensure that it does.

In this comprehensive report and CD, which sells on our website for $197, we reveal the Secrets to making the Internet work for your practice that 95% of other veterinary practices do not know including:

  • Learn how to build an online Client Attraction System that will attract new clients to your practice on autopilot even when you’re not there! (Putting this in place will be like having an Internet Vaccuum that sucks all of the pet owners searching for veterinarians online into your practice!)
  • How to attract the qualified leads that are looking for your services right now! (Save time by letting your website filter out the tire kickers and leave you with clients you want!)
  • Learn the secret technique used by the world’s leading Internet Marketers that will turn you website into client attracting machine! (This technique is so secret that 99% of Veterinary Practices don’t know it and don’t use it on their website!)
  • Learn how to use the Internet to build a relationship with new and existing clients so that they stay, pay and refer. (Learn how to keep in touch with your clients even when you’re on vacation! You’ll be shocked how simple but effective this is.)
  • Learn the secrets to attracting clients in Facebook. (We show you how to target the Facebook pet owners in your area with laser-guided precision – you’ll be amazed at what’s possible.)
  • And much more…

Very Special Bonus #2

Four FREE Back Issues of our Insiders Club Newsletter($388 Value)

Just so you can be totally sure you’re making the right decision, we’ll include four back issues of our Passport To Veterinary Practice Profits Newsletter absolutely FREE! Each issue contains over $970 worth of practice growing strategies you can start implementing straight away.

To get all the above you need invest just $1 today and then $97 per month starting 30 days after your first payment. You are also protected by your ’10 Times The Value Guarantee’ and can cancel your membership at any time. We’re so convinced you’ll love the content that even if you decide not to continue as a member you can keep all the bonuses just for giving it a try!

Here’s another veterinary practice owner who made the decision to join the Insiders Club based on the information we taught him straight from our Passport To Practice Profits Newsletter…

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A Quick Reminder of What You’ll Get

By joining today I understand that I will get the following:

Membership to the Veterinary Insiders Club including:

  • Monthly Passport To Veterinary Practice Profits Newsletter
  • Companion Audio CD
  • Sample Marketing Piece (Worth Over $500)

FREE: The Report & CD titled ‘How To Make The Internet Work For Your Veterinary Practice’ ($197 Value)

FREE: Four Back Issues of our Insiders Club Newsletter($388 Value)

I understand that to get all the above I need to invest just $1 today and then $97 per month starting in 30 days time. I am also protected by your ’10 Times The Value Guarantee’ and can cancel my membership at any time.

Oh, and don’t worry, if you haven’t yet signed up for your copy of our book and CD on ‘How To Grow Your Veterinary Practice By 25% Every Year’, we’ll send you those too!

This offer won’t last forever, so take advantage while you still can!

Dedicated To Your Success,

Steve Maughan & Dean Biggs
Veterinary Practice Profits

P.S. Picture this: very soon you’ll have fresh new clients and referrals coming to you “automatically!” What will you do with all this new money that suddenly starts flooding into your practice? How will your life CHANGE with all this new found extra cash?

On the other hand, if you choose not to apply…not to better your practice and ultimately, not to better your life, and the lives of your family – you may end up regretting your decision not to take action. We just hope you don’t end up looking back on this very moment, a few years down the line, as simply another “woulda… coulda… shoulda…” decision that you let slip through your hands. Wouldn’t you agree that at $1 it’s worth giving a try?

Which position are you going to be in? The choice is yours.

P.P.S. One more thing, and it’s important: Whether you apply or not, the Veterinary Insiders Club will continue to grow and prosper. And its members will continue to grow and prosper.

But if you don’t apply, you will never be sure if one of your competitors has taken your place. That is…until they slowly start picking off your clients, one by one, like a hungry pride of lionesses hunting wildebeest! And by then there won’t be anything we, or anybody else can do for you!

Please appreciate this is not hype! It’s just the cold harsh reality of the consequences of you not taking action…NOW! Yes, the strategies you’ll learn are that good.

P.P.P.S.You’ve heard from a lot of guys so we thought we end with a quote from Dr Janette Alvarez, another veterinarian who had just been taught some practice growing strategies straight out of our Veterinary Insiders Club Newsletter…

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One last tip …Spend Your Dollar Wisely!!