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Veterinary Practice Profits was setup to help veterinary practice owners market their practices more effectively and grow their practice significantly year on year.

Our ‘Pyramid To Veterinary Practice’ Profits currently offers three membership levels to veterinary practice owners:

Level 1 – Veterinary Insiders Club

As a member of this elite group of like-minded veterinarians, focused on building successful highly profitable practices providing the very best in patient care and client experience, you will receive:

• Our ‘Passport To Veterinary Practice Profits’ Newsletter.
Mailed to you each month, this physical newsletter contains real ‘How-To’ strategies for growing your practice. Each month we concentrate on two or three strategies and show you how to implement them in your practice. After you’ve read it at your desk, in bed or on the plane, the newsletter is conveniently hole-punched so that you can store it close by in a three-ring binder. (If you apply just one, or in some cases just part of one, of the strategies contained in the newsletter you will be ahead of 90% of the other veterinary practices out there!)

• An Audio CD, so that you can listen to the strategies in your car or even in bed.
People process information in different ways so this CD will help reinforce the points in the newsletter in a different way that will help you absorb the information. (Think of this as having your own private coach each month. Listening to this CD on your way to your practice each morning will put a ‘skip in your step’ and ensure that you never lose focus.)

• A Marketing Sample worth over $500, so that you can ‘hit the ground running’ each month and pull in a ‘deluge’ of new clients without having to think how. (This one piece which could be a letter, postcard or newspaper advert would cost you at least $500 to have developed but is yours FREE as part of your membership.)

Level 2 – Veterinary Practice Client Attraction & Retention Coaching Community

As part of our coaching community you will receive monthly telephone coaching sessions on specific strategies on how to attract more clients to your practice and retain existing ones. As part of the community you will also be able to share ideas with other ’non-competing’ veterinarians and learn what 95% of veterinarians will never know about marketing their practice.

Level 3 – Easy4Vets™ ‘Implemented For You Services’

If you think of Levels 1 and 2 as us teaching you how to fish (for clients that is) in Level 3 we just give you the fish!
Our ‘implemented for you’ services include client newsletter production, direct mail pieces, Internet marketing and full marketing campaigns. We effectively become your ‘Client Attraction & Retention Department’ but at the fraction of the cost of employing a full time marketing person. These services are provided on an area exclusive basis so that your local competitors cannot benefit if you are already in the program!

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