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Attention Veterinarians….

Who Else Wants To Know The Secrets To
Growing Your Veterinary Practice 25% Every Year
In The New Economy?

FREE Tele-seminar Reveals The Little Known Secrets On
How To Flood Your Veterinary Practice With
More New Clients, Prospects, And Revenue Than You Can Handle!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been struggling to gain more clients than you’ll ever need… and… you yearn for fresh ideas to give your practice a boost then this is going to be the most important message you’ll ever read!

Here’s why:

Our names are Steve Maughan and Dean Biggs and we’d like to invite you to a FREE tele-seminar on ‘How To Consistently Grow Your Veterinary Practice By +25% Every Year In The New Economy’. We coach veterinary practice owners across America on how to get more clients and more revenue in their practice in ways that are highly effective but little known to 95% of practices in the USA and now for the first time we’re going to share with you the secrets to growing your practice in the new economy in a FREE live tele-seminar which will blow your mind with NEW practice growing ideas.

The information we will be giving you could literally be priceless to your practice, so why are we giving it to you FREE?

Well actually there are three reasons:

  1. We’re extremely passionate about what we teach and we want to get feedback from a large number of vets to help us improve how we teach it in the future.
  2. We are going to turn the audio from the call into a product that we will be offering to veterinarians on this website. Hint: if you’re on the call you’re getting the product for FREE!
  3. We’re hoping that you’ll be so impressed with what we have to tell you that you will want to work with us in the future.

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In this seminar you will learn:

  • The Key Master Skill to lifelong success. (Learning this one skill can help you break into the elite top bracket of veterinarians who are leading an affluent life with less stress and more time off!)
  • How to skip years of frustration by learning the simple strategy, developed over 70 years ago (but still relevant today), that will differentiate your practice from the 95% of practices that deliver the “the same old, same old”. (This simple shortcut will catapult your growth and profits way beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.)
  • The cold hard facts that 95% of veterinary practice owners find hard to take but give the top 5% bigger profits, faster growth, more time off and less stress. (This insiders secret is the key to spending more guilt-free vacations with your family while your practice continues to grow without you on autopilot.)
  • The simple decision SMART veterinarians make that instantly sets up your practice for success and eliminate any worries over “doing things right” (especially for your staff). The result: Happier staff, happier customers…and less stress for everyone in your practice, including YOU!
  • “The 3 Irrefutable Pillars Of Veterinary Practice Growth” and the compound effect applying each one will have on your profits. (When you master these pillars you’re life will never be the same again.)
  • How to attract a flood of new clients into your practice each month “like clockwork” without dropping your prices! (Once you know this insider secret you will never have to worry about getting new clients through your doors again!)
  • How to prevent your clients from being “poached like cattle” by your competitors. (Learn the proven strategy for “building a fence around your herd” that will keep them with you for life!)
  • How to increase your average revenue per client without increasing your prices, including the super simple tactic that McDonalds used to double their profits worldwide that you can use in your veterinary practice too! (This astonishingly easy technique is well used by smart business but ignored by 99% of veterinary practice owners!)
  • How to set the foundations that all successful practices are built on, without which could sink you like a ‘brick in quicksand’! (If you have any ambitions to open multiple practices then these foundations are vital!)
  • A quickie “Idiots Guide” to consumer psychology! (Instantly understand exactly what makes your clients tick…and how to “fulfil their human needs” to the point where they simply can’t leave your veterinary practice for anywhere else.
  • The #1 strategy that, when implemented, will automatically allow you to increase your prices without resistance while retaining more clients, getting more referrals and creating more trust with your clients than ever before! (This same strategy made Walt Disney a wealthy man and can be implemented into your practice!)
  • How to apply the principle commonly employed by the greatest entrepreneurs in the land that will simplify your life, remove the chaos and help you focus on your best practice growing activities. (This one strategy alone will help you grow your practice quicker than you ever thought possible and create time that you never thought existed.)
  • The simple action plan to get you started immediately so that you can start implementing what you’ve listened to the seminar.

The tele-seminar will take place at:

8pm Eastern Time on Wednesday May 26th, 2010

Places are limited so get the telephone number and access code for the seminar now by pre-registering in the form below:

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P.S. The first 50 veterinarians to register will receive a FREE copy of the audio from the tele-seminar.