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A Veterinary Practices Most Valuable Asset

So, as a veterinary practice owner, what is your most valuable asset?

Your practice premises (if you own them)? Your Veterinarians? Your Staff? Your Location?

There answer is none of the above.

Without doubt your single biggest asset is your client list. That means your list of Active AND Inactive clients.

Why, because all of the others can be replaced and your practice can still grow and be successful but without your client base you have nothing.

You already have a relationship with your list and they have previously bought your services. The hardest job in any practice is to attract new clients so you must protect your ‘herd’ from being ‘poached’ by other practices!

Their are several ways to achieve this including creating a world class client experience for your clients combined with first class patient care for their pets but the surefire winner for keeping clients active and turning inactive clients into active clients is to send them a physical newsletter each month.


Because it is perceived as a tangible publication that they receive in their mailbox every month and, if done properly, your clients will actually look forward to receiving it.

Another benefit is that it guarantees that you will keep in touch with your clients each month while building yet more rapport with them by providing useful and amusing content.

The other thing to bear in mind is, that any sort of positive media exposure you put out whether that be in print in a book or client newsletter, T.V. appearance or local radio interview will strengthen your reputation and positioning as the local animal health expert. The best way of marketing to your clients is through your newsletter so if you haven’t got one then make it a priority to start planning one today.

There are some rules to doing a successful client newsletter and if you’ve tried to do a newsletter unsuccessfully in the past then you most likely didn’t follow them. Watch out for a more information on how to produce your newsletter in a future post.