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Are You Going To Effect The Economy Or Are You Going To Let The Economy Effect You?

We’re nearly half way into the first year of the new decade and the message we have for you is this:

“How this decade pans out for you in terms of the profitably and success of your veterinary practice is only down to one person and that’s you!”

You only got two options:

1. You leave your practice to the fate of the economy by not marketing it properly, or setting it up to win, while your prospective clients go elsewhere.


2. You proactively put systems in place to attract new patients, reactivate existing patients, invest in your existing patients and you learn how to increase your revenue per patient in ways in which both you and the client are happy.

There will be veterinary practices that struggle, and even fold, in the next twelve months even before the decade has got out it’s infancy, there will be also be many that plod along making a respectable profit and then there will be that top 5% who are persistent with their marketing that grow by double digit percentages while increasing their profits and allowing their owners to have more time off to enjoy them.

Which category are you going to be in? We hope it will be the latter!