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Are You Hitting The Target With Your #Veterinary Marketing?

If you’ve followed us for any length of time you will know that Direct Response Mail is still the most effective marketing media a veterinary practice can use, including the Internet, to attract new clients.

The dilemma veterinary practices face, that their counterparts in other practice industries such as dentistry and chiropractic do not, is not all residents are pet owners! So how can you avoid wasting your marketing dollars on pet-less households. the answer is in list rental and segmentation.

Did you know that is possible to rent a list of pet owners in your surrounding area?

Better than that you can rent a list of the pet owners most likely to stay, pay and refer! How…by asking the list broker to segment the list to match your ideal client criteria.

For example, you want to attract affluent pet owners (pet owners with household incomes exceeding $100,000) or, perhaps, you want to target ‘Baby Boomer’ pet owners (pet owners born between 1945 and 1965) as these are people whose pets have taken the place of their grown up children. Both these lists are readily available to rent in your area.

So now not only can we ensure that every marketing piece we send out is to an actual pet owner but also to a good prospect for our veterinary practice. It also means we can tailor the message to each group. We can even take this segmenting further to get the list split by dog owner or cat owner. Can you imagine how much more powerful your marketing message will be if it is targeted to affluent or Baby Boomer cat owners?

So please…don’t play blind archery with you veterinary practice marketing. Be specific in your targeting and get ready to reap the rewards.