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Are Your Veterinary Practice Clients Familiar Faces?

If you only see your clients once a year when they bring their dog in for it’s annual check-up then you are missing a huge opportunity to not only increase your practice revenue but create a stronger relationship with your clients.

One of the best ways to increase your revenue is to increase the average amount spent by each client and if you want to increase the amount your average client spends without raising your prices then a good strategy is to increase the average number of times that your clients visit your practice.

Now we are not suggesting that you do anything unethical to encourage your clients to come in more often…far from it…what are really talking about is advocating more preventative medicine and giving your clients other reasons to come into the practice that benefit them and their pets.

For example, can you offer an preventative dental program that allows your clients to have four dental checkups per year for their dog for a set monthly fee? Can you have an incentive card whereby every time they visit your practice to buy dog food they get their card stamped and on their 6th visit they get the food free? This type of scheme is used to great effect in coffee shops to keep customers loyal and prevent them going elsewhere.

Do you let your clients know about the hereditary conditions associated with their pets breed and encourage them to get checked out?

There are many ways that you can encourage your clients to visit more often that will keep both their pet and your revenue healthier, you just need to explore them!