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Do Your Clients Rave About How Good Your Customer Service Is?

As this weeks #veterinary marketing posts have been based on the lessons I learned from my recent trip to Disney I had to write a post on Customer Service.

The Late Great Walt Disney once said:

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends!

and everything about Walt Disney World lives up to that sentiment.

Every ‘cast’ member of Disney’s staff seems to be dedicated to making your stay a memorable one whether they are greeting you with a friendly smile or inquiring if you need assistance when you look lost!

Ask a Disney janitor directions and don’t be surprised when he personally escorts you to your destination within the resort or theme park.

Disney worked out long before anyone else that if you treat your guests (or clients) like they are special they will not only want to come back of more but they will tell all of their friends and family about it to.

The proof it works it there for all to see.

For example, in Orlando, you could make a strong argument that Universal Studios has better attractions in their theme parks than Disney but they cannot match Disney for customer service and the attendance numbers prove it. In 2008 Universal Studios Orlando attracted 6.23 million visitors and it’s sister park Islands of Adventure attracted 5.29 million visitors. During the same year Disneys’ Magic Kingdom in Orlando attracted 17.0 million visitors (in fact all four Walt Disney World Parks in Orlando attracted over 9.5 million visitors.)

Not only that but while Universal’s visitor numbers were declining, Disney World’s were actually on the increase!

So, if world class customer service works:

What are you doing in your veterinary practice to ensure world class customer service for your clients?