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Fail To Plan…Plan To Fail!!

Most veterinary practice owners we speak to tell us that they would like more clients (who doesn’t?) but when we then ask them what their plan is to get them the common answer is “there isn’t one!” They rely on sporadic flurries of marketing or on word of mouth (referrals are a great but you need a plan of how to maximize them too) or in many cases hope!

The old saying Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail is particularly true when it comes to marketing your veterinary services and every veterinary practice should have a marketing plan.

So how do you create plan for your veterinary practice?

There are three things you need to think about when developing your plan:

  1. Who is your target Market?
  2. What is your marketing Message?
  3. What Media are you going to use to deliver your message to your market?

Your Target Market
Your first thought might be “pet owners in my area” but you need to be more specific that. For example, would you prefer to higher income (affluent) pet owners or would like “Baby Boomer” pet owners whose pets have become the surrogate children for their grown up and departed offspring.

Your Marketing Message
Again your message cannot be just “we’re your local vets” or even “we’re the best vets in the area”. You need to think what your Unique Selling Proposition is, in other words you need to answer the following question:

Why should I choose your veterinary practice versus every other competitive option available to me?

You need tell your prospects what makes you different and then back it up with proof.

Your Delivery Media
There are many ways to deliver your message to your market including (but not limited to) direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertising, Yellow Pages, networking, tele-seminars, press releases, newsletters, referral programs, live events, websites, internet marketing and many more.

You need to employ as many as you can that give you a return on your investment.

If you develop a marketing plan for your veterinary practice and, more importantly, implement it you will be have a serious competitive advantage over the other practices in your area.

So go make that plan!