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Is Your Practice Leaking Dollars?

The news today from the stricken well off the Houston coast that is leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico was that the spill had been stemmed, at least for now!

The leak has been very costly both financially and environmentally with the cost running into millions of dollars. But although the leak has been difficult to stem at least it was easy to spot. If only that were the case with leaks in your business! The areas that cause dollars to leak from veterinary practices are easy to stem but can go undetected for years!

Our question today is where is the leak in your veterinary practice that is spilling dollars?

  • Is it your patient numbers declining because they are being poached by other practices?
  • Is it a lack of new patients because you do not have the marketing and referral systems in place that you need to attract new clients?
  • Is is a stagnation in your revenue growth because you are not maximizing the average revenue from each client?

The key to finding your leaks (and you will have them) is to track the key numbers in your business every day.

If you don’t know what they are then check out our comprehensive Quick-Start To Success Guide on ‘The Veterinary Practice Health Check Breakthrough – The 10 Numbers You MUST Know Every Day’. Click here for more information.