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Is Your #Veterinary Marketing Elegant or Effective?

If you’ve been watching the soccer World Cup then you will notice that their are teams who like to play elegant looking soccer, lots of short quick passes, which is very pleasing on the eye. Many times you find that these teams don’t score as many goals as they should because they over elaborate at times when they need to be effective i.e. when they are attacking their opponents goal or defending their own. There focus is on what looks nice not what is effective.

The teams that win don’t always play the most elegant looking soccer but they are highly effective in stopping their opponents from scoring and in scoring for themselves.

Many veterinary practices have the same problem in marketing their practice. They concentrate on producing elegant and sophisticated looking brochures and flyers rather than marketing materials that are effective.

One of our mentors, Dan Kennedy, tells a an amusing story about one of the members of his mastermind group who had a very successful furniture store. His marketing was very unsophisticated but very effective, however, his wife hated it. To keep her happy he used to spend $50,000 every year getting some very elegant brochures produced. He would then give his wife a batch to give to her friends at the country club and discard the rest!

We’re not saying your marketing has to look trashy and not be congruent with your practice but always concentrate on ‘direct response veterinary marketing’ rather than ‘brand building veterinary marketing!’

Your marketing materials and that includes your Newsletter should always contain powerful headlines, compelling offers and strong sales copy. If they do not then they will not be effective and that means they won’t increase your profits.