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Lessons From Disney On Maximizing Your #Veterinary Client Value

Following my weekend at Disney’s Grand Floridian, today I’m going to give you another one of the marketing and business building lessons I learned during my stay.

One of the things you must do to increase your revenue is to maximize the amount you earn on average per client. Did you know that Disney make more dollars per head, per day, than Las Vegas? They reason for this is that they are probably THE most effective company on the planet at taking as much money as humanly possible from customers while they’re on the premises and having them like it!

One of the ways they do this is to make paying for goods and services as easy possible for their hotel guests and I mean ALL of their hotel guests including the kids.

When you check-in to a Disney hotel they take you a swipe of your credit card for ‘incidental’ expenses while your there. Now that’s usual policy for practically every hotel in the World but what Disney do different is then link your room key to that credit card. So now you can use your room key to purchase goods and services not only in the resort your staying in but in all of the other Disney Resorts in the area and of course all the Disney Theme Parks!

But then they go one step further and make sure that every guest including the kids has their own key card. So now while Mom and Dad are lazing by the pool, their teenagers can use their cards to spend buy ice cream and souvenirs etc!

Of course when you’re in a theme park the last thing you want to do is lug around souvenirs so Disney remove that obstacle for you by having a complimentary room delivery service. So you can happily purchase souvenirs and gifts throughout the day and have them delivered to your room before you arrive back at the hotel.

Now that’s just Pure Genius!

Disney also maximize their average guest spend by controlling where they walk in their theme parks. So each park only has one way in and out and to get to that exit you have to pass a myriad of shops, stalls and restaurants, each one with something tempting to spend your money on.

Even the exit to park rides now lead you into a themed shop for that ride. So if you’ve been on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride you will end up in a hop selling all manner of pirate paraphernalia such as pirate outfits, plastic pirate swords and fake pirate treasure.

Our question to you is:

What do you do to make it easy for your veterinary practice clients to purchase your goods and services?

  • Do you have easy ways for your clients to pay?
  • Do you have plenty of other things to tempt them with while they are in your practice?
  • Do you control what their movements so that they have to pass other things you have to offer them?

Tomorrow I’ll reveal how Disney make sure you know all the different ways you can spend your money while your there!