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Liberate Your Practice and Fire Your Worst Clients!

Here’s an interesting question:


What are the ‘bottom 10%’ of your clients like?

–They complain about your prices
–They pay late
–They expect special treatment
–They’re rude
–They don’t respect your boundaries.

Well today we’re giving you permission to FIRE them.  Get them off your back, once and for all.

You’ll be amazed at the liberating feeling and the renewed self-respect you have when you establish rules and stick to them.  And when your other
clients find out that you have enough self respect to give problem clients the boot, they’ll respect you more, too.

Anyway, don’t you figure your competitors need your worst clients more than you do?  That IS an excellent strategy, by the way.  Distract your
competitors from good clients by sending them bad ones.

So go ahead — Make our day.  Get rid of the bottom 5-10% of your clients every year.

Make a list of people who drain your resources and damage your morale, and get rid of them.

You’ll be surprised at the results and your practice will be better for it!