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Making Sure Your Clients Get Your #Veterinary Marketing Message

Today I’m going to give you another marketing tip I discovered during my recent stay at Disney that you can use in your veterinary practice.

Like every other hotel in the World, Disney have televisions in their guest rooms but when you watch TV in your Disney hotel room you notice something different. Firstly every other channel seems to be promoting a Disney product or service or is giving a preview of a Disney movie. For example, there is a channel promoting the Disney Vacation Club, a channel on what you MUST do while in Disney World and another channel letting you know what you can do in the hotel.

The next thing you notice is that the channels that aren’t solely about Disney seem to have a high percentage of Disney commercials which would seem to suggest that they actually have their own TV network!

So what can you take from this as a veterinary practice owner?

Well what Disney are doing is controlling the media their guests (clients) are viewing to ensure that their marketing message is being seen and it’s possible for you to do the same!

So when are you in control of what your clients see?

Well when they’re in your waiting room is an obvious one. Flat screen TVs are pretty inexpensive nowadays so you could easily have one installed on your waiting room wall and have it play a DVD with your message on it.

Sound bites from your vets, video testimonials from happy clients, special promotions, referral promotions and commercials highlighting preventative treatments are all good ways to keep your clients entertained in a way that makes them think about how they could spending money in your practice and how they could be referring other clients to your practice.

So follow Disney’s lead and take control of your clients media today!