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The Affluent Are Alive And Well So Make Sure They’re Your Clients

Today I have another #veterinary marketing lesson I picked up from my recent stay with our friends at Disney.

The Disney Grand Floridian is probably Disney World’s flagship hotel so as you would expect it isn’t a cheap place to stay (a Standard Room with Garden View this coming weekend June 25 & 26 would cost $485 per night) so you might think that in these economic times it would be deserted?

Well our experience was that, while the hotel wasn’t full (very few hotels ever are), it was still very busy with reservations still required to eat in some of the restaurants on an evening.

But even more surprising was that in the Grand Floridian and many of the other Disney Hotels aimed at the affluent there were also special ‘executive’ floors offering even greater levels of service. For example, the Grand Floridian offers another 18 room levels, 11 of which are priced over $1,000 per night, for this coming weekend culminating in the Royal Palm Club Level with Concierge Service – Main Building 2 Bedroom Grand Suite at $2370 per night!

If you visit other Disney Hotels such as the Disney Contemporary Resort or the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge you will find the same thing there. By the way, Disney even have their own kennels for pet owners who want to keep their pet close by while they’re on vacation!

Statistics tell us that the majority of these affluent people will be pet owners so the question to ask is:

When these affluent people return home where are they are taking their pets for their veterinary needs and what are you doing to attract affluent pet owners into your practice?

The lesson to be learned is that affluent people are still alive, well and spending their dollars on premium products and services and if you don’t have any to offer in your practice then they will find a vet who can offer them!