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The Celebrity Apprentice is over but who is going to be your celebrity?

Last night Bret Michaels added to the theater of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ by appearing in the Season Finale despite a recent brain hemorrhage and appendectomy (not to mention his ongoing battle with Diabetes). And just to give the show a fairy tale ending he was ‘hired’ by Donald Trump as this years winner.

So what has any of that got to do with marketing your veterinary practice, you ask?

Well much more than you would think. Here’s why…

The reason shows like The Celebrity Apprentice are even more popular than the original format are because there is a obsession amongst Americans with celebrities, and especially in seeing them outside of their normal environment. Think about it, people love seeing celebrities in places they wouldn’t expect to see them (i.e. the places mere mortal people like us hang out such as the local diner or the local supermarket or… at the veterinary practice with their pet!)

Have you ever been somewhere and spotted a celebrity? If you have then you probably felt excited and pretty pleased with yourself and we bet you couldn’t wait to tell your friends… could you?

Let’s face it, everyone likes to be associated with celebrity, even local celebrities, and that everyone includes your clients!

That’s the reason why all the major brands use celebrities to endorse their products.

So the question you need to ask as a veterinary practice owner is:

Are there any celebrities whose pets visit your practice?

Remember local sports stars, local TV and Radio station presenters, even the local Mayor are all people just like you and me and there’s a 2 in 3 chance that they own a pet.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find out if any of your current clients are celebrities, we say find out because it might not actually be the celebrity who brings the pet in. If there aren’t any then ask around and use the Internet and find a pet owning celebrity in your area.
  2. Approach the celebrity and ask them if they would endorse your practice and if you can use them in your advertising. Offer them an incentive such a complimentary treatment for their pet…believe us, the cost will be worth it! At very least get a photo of them and their pet in your practice. Tip: Take two photos and get them to sign one of them with a message to your practice and hang it up in your reception area.
  3. Create a marketing campaign around the celebrity. Use their name and photo (with their approval) in Direct Mail (postcards and letters), Newspaper Adverts and, if possible, get them in any TV/Radio advertising you do.
  4. Write an article on them in your Newsletter
  5. Put them on your website.

Once everything is in place, prepare yourself for a flood of new clients and some new found celebrity status yourself as the vet who looks after the celebrity’s dog!

One caveat to this is to make sure that the celebrity you choose is popular, likable and doesn’t have currently have any bad press.