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Veterinarian Idol: How many votes will you get from your clients?

Last night saw the final of the latest season of American Idol and by the time the winner is announced this evening there will have been around 100 million votes cast by the American public. That’s not 100 million people voting but millions of people voting multiple times.

So what has people voting for a singing contest got to do with your veterinary practice?

Well here’s the question:

How could you introduce a contest into your practice that would have your clients clambering to vote multiple times and grow your practice simultaneously?

The answer is a Referral Competition.

If you think about it… each time a client refers another pet owner to your practice they are voting for your practice. So why not create some excitement in your practice by running a referral competition with the prizes for the clients who refer the most?

For most practices, the first year value of a new client is around $400 and the lifetime value is a lot more so you can be generous with the prizes you give.

We would suggest offering a $25 gift card for a local restaurant for every referral received and then having three big prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. For example, to your clients a $500 Widescreen TV is a huge prize but bearing in mind that the winner will have referred multiple new clients the cost to you in negligible. Obviously the referral only counts when the new client has registered with your practice and been for their first appointment.

Promote the competition in your practice, on your website and in your newsletter.

Once the competition is over don’t stop there, keep rewarding your clients when they refer and make a referral program a key part of your veterinary practice marketing.

We can’t promise you 100 million new clients but we can promise that if you can average one referral per client then you will double the size of your practice!