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#Veterinary Marketing Lessons From Disney

Hey folks, Dean here!

I’m fortunate to have spent the last four days at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel, which is there flag ship hotel down here in Orlando, FL.

Disney is one my favorite places to visit, not just because it’s ‘the happiest place on Earth’ but because every time you visit you get a masterclass in how to run a profitable business.

While I was there I was exposed to lots of their marketing and salesmanship so I thought over the next few days I would share some of the lessons I learned and get you to think about how they could be applied in your veterinary practice marketing.

Disney Lesson 1 – What business are you in?

Most people who visit Disney would say that Disney are in the Hotel Business & the Theme Park Business but these are only the tip of the iceberg. Disney does in fact have dozens of other businesses, all circulating like satellites around these main two businesses.

For example, did you know they were in the bedroom & bathroom catalog business?

We hadn’t been in our room five minutes when we spotted a very cool Micky Mouse Lamp (see photo)

Our first thought was “wow, that’s cool” our second was “I wonder if you can buy them”. Well Disney being Disney had already thought ahead to what we would be thinking!

For sure enough, when we opened our welcome pack there was a twelve page full color catalog of the ‘Disney Resort Collection”.

Inside the catalog you could buy everything in the room from the Posturepedic mattresses and bedding on your bed to, you’ve guessed it, the Mickey Bust Lamp (which was $250 in case you’re interested!) And when I say everything I literally mean everything including the soaps and shampoos, the shower curtain and even the shower head! So if you think the Alarm Clock with iPod holder is cool, well you can buy that too.

The question is what are the satellite businesses that you could launch to orbit around your main veterinary practice business?

You might have two or three already such as pet food, dog grooming and boarding but what other non-obvious businesses could you be in that would be suitable to your clients and create a extra income stream for your practice?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about how Disney make sure everyone of their guests are in a position to spend money including the kids!