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What has the Soccer World Cup got to do with your #veterinary practice?

Today the BIGGEST sporting event in the World, the Soccer (or Football as it’s known to everyone outside the USA) World Cup, begins in South Africa. 32 Countries, including the USA, will battle it out over the next four weeks to try and claim the ultimate prize in Soccer.

So “what has that got to do with my veterinary practice?” we hear you ask. Well did you know that although Soccer is obviously the poor relation of professional spectator sports in the US, it is also the MOST participated sport in the US. So there is a very good chance that a lot of your clients and especially their kids play it. And let us tell you, if you play soccer (or spend enough time around someone that does) then you will know all about the World Cup. Even Good Morning America are doing reports from the tournament every day.

The USA should progress from their group into the knockout stages of the tournament and if they do you can expect the coverage to be even more extensive. There’s no telling what might happen over here if they get anywhere near to winning it.

Sporting events, like holidays, are always a good excuse to contact new prospect or existing clients in order to make them an irresistible offer as one of the strongest ways to market any business is to ‘enter the conversation in your clients heads’.

So our question today is how can use the World Cup to help attract new clients to your practice? The competition lasts a whole month so you can you’ve got plenty of scope to run a promotion. The possibilities are endless, you could run a small promotion such as offering a free soccer ball toy with every purchase of food or offering a real soccer ball to the kids of pet owners. If you really wanted to get some publicity then why not hold your own ‘doggie soccer world cup’ or run a competition for the dog with the best soccer ‘skills’ (dogs love playing with soccer balls). You can bet your local TV station would love to run a story that had a twist on the World Cup.

Can you put some decorations up in the practice to support the US team in South Africa? Independence Day is just round the corner so they can have a dual purpose.

The point is that you must ALWAYS be looking for new ideas to promote your practice so whenever there is some big event in the news, such as the World Cup, just take a few minutes to think how your practice could benefit.