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Why Being The Best Isn’t Always Enough

If you’ve seen any media coverage since last night, you will know that Lee Dwyze was crowned as the winner of the 2010 season of American Idol. But anyone watching the final, the night before, will have seen that his opponent Crystal Bowersox was a much better singer and, if you’ve followed the show, you’ll know she has been across the entire season.

So how does this happen and what’s it got yo do with your veterinary practice?

There are two reasons why Crystal Bowersox lost and both reasons could stop your practice winning the competition for clients in your area:

Reason #1 – Weaker Target Market
The main reason Lee won was because the target market for his type of music was bigger percentage of the audience (e.g. Teenage girls) than Crystal’s target market which is a more mature audience (even though they are the same age!). The margin of victory was only a couple of percentage points but based on singing talent (after all, it was a singing contest) Crystal should have won by a big margin.

Who you market your practice too can have a huge effect on the revenue of your practice. Your practice may be clinically more skilled than your nearest competitor but if they are marketing their practice to the affluent pet owners in your area and you’re not (or worse you’re not marketing at all) then they can gain a serious competitive advantage over you.

Reason #2 – Weaker Marketing
The second reason Lee won was because the marketing done on his behalf by his fans on the Internet was better than Crystals. Lee could have forgotten his words on Tuesday night and still won!

Remember, your prospective clients have got no way to tell which veterinary practice is the more clinically skilled. They can only go off what they have been told or led to believe.

Like it or not the cold hard facts are this:

A veterinarian who is better at marketing will have more success than a veterinarian who is more clinically skilled!


The veterinarian that can deliver the best service and has the best marketing will take the market, period!!