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Why Marketing Is Essential For Vets In The New Economy!

The words #Veterinary Practice Marketing are looked upon with disgust by some veterinary practice owners. Many vets have been conditioned to believe that marketing and advertising are somehow immoral, unprofessional or even unethical but isn’t it true that:

If your practice delivers 1st class patient care… it’s your duty to the pets in your area to let their owners know about it! Not doing so leaves them at the mercy of those that do not adhere to your Standards!

The days when you could just setup a practice in any town and city across America and then expect pet owners to just roll in are long gone and in the new economy we now live in…

The veterinarian who is the better marketer will be more successful than the veterinarian who is more clinically skilled and the veterinarian who can combine the best patient care, the best client experience and the best marketing will own their local market, period!

Most practice owners are practicing vets who spend a lot of time being the provider of the service rather than the marketer of the service. That’s ok, after all you probably got into veterinary medicine to be ‘hands-on’ making animals better…but only if you recognize that marketing is an essential part of your veterinary business and one you must devote some time to every week.

You can make someone in your practice responsible for it but you must make it an important part of your role as owner to decide what sort of clients you want, develop a unique selling proposition and create a marketing plan for your practice.

Don’t worry if this sounds a little overwhelming, there is plenty of marketing advice available including our own Veterinary Marketing Insider Club and if you’d rather just outsource you marketing completely our Easy4Vets service.

So there’s no excuse for not marketing your veterinary practice!