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Why Should A Pet Owner Choose Your Veterinary Practice?

If you own or manage a Veterinary Practice then one question you should be asking is:

Why should a pet owner choose my practice as opposed to every other veterinary practice available to her?

What is it that makes clients want to bring their pets to your practice?

If the answer for the majority of your clients is either “you’re the nearest Vet to home” OR “you’re the cheapest Vet in town” then your practice could be living on borrowed time!

You see, if you want your practice to thrive and grow bigger than you ever dare dreamed then you must have a compelling story to tell, a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), that will make clients drive past the Veterinary Practice close to home and the cheapest practice in town to bring their pets to you! If you don’t then it is only a matter of time before either an existing competitor or a new practice does and you get left behind!

Your compelling story, becomes the focal point of your marketing efforts, the talking point that gets you more referrals, the source of pride that makes your employees proud to tell their friends they work at your practice and the reason why your clients will be happy to travel further to see you even after you have raised your prices.

You must position your practice for success and by positioning we mean controlling how your customers, and prospective customers, think and feel about your veterinary practice compared to the other practices that are competing for their attention.

You must constantly ask yourself:

“Why should a pet owner choose my practice as opposed to all of the other practices available to them.”

So, if you haven’t got a story to tell or USP then how can you get one? Well the easiest way is to address what your clients like and don’t like and to establish that, just ask them!

Ask every client that comes into your practice, over the next seven days, what are the top three things they appreciate when bringing their pet to your practice and what their top three dislikes are. For example, if most of your patients list the waiting time to be seen as a dislike then can you give an “On-time, Every time‟ guarantee that stands you out from the crowd?

The next time you make a buying decision, whether it’s deciding on which restaurant to have dinner at, which car to buy or even just where to get coffee, ask yourself what’s their story?

Why are you choosing them and not the least expensive or most convenient? For example, why do people choose Starbucks over other less expensive coffee shops?

Why would you travel 20 miles to see a dentist when they are several just around the corner?

If you want a good business role model then look no further than the Ritz-Carlton hotel group. The lengths to which the Ritz-Carlton staff will go to assure their guests have a memorable experience are legendary.  In fact, every day, employees of every department in every Ritz-Carlton hotel around the world gather for a 15-minute staff meeting where they share "wow stories." These are true stories of employee heroics that go above and beyond conventional customer service expectations. In one, a hotel chef in Bali found special eggs and milk for a guest with food allergies in a small grocery store in another country and had them flown to the hotel. In another, a hotel’s laundry service failed to remove a stain on a guest’s suit before the guest left. The hotel manager flew to the guest’s house and personally delivered a reimbursement check for the cost of the suit.

Now you may be thinking “the Ritz-Carlton can do these things because they make millions of dollars each year!” but the reason they make millions of dollars is by doing these things!

So what can you do in your practice to ‘go the extra mile’ and create a reputation for world class patient care and client service?

One thing is for sure, if you get your story right, you won’t just attract and keep customers, you will create raving fans who will be avid referrers and who will be bringing their pets to you for life!