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Veterinary Mastermind/Coaching Group

“Are You Ready To Take Your Veterinary Practice To The Next Level?”


5 Beneficial Practice-Building Experiences In 1 Program!

  • Facilitated, Accelerated Learning & Application Of Marketing And Business Success Strategies.
  • Friendly Accountability & Encouragement.
  • A Mastermind Group Experience: Creative Thinking Multiplied.
  • Peer Advisory: “Sounding Boards.”
  • Opportunity For Co-Operative Alliances With Other Non-Competing Veterinarians.

You Are About To Discover Strategies Your Competitors Never Wanted You To Know…

The problems with trying to improve your advertising, marketing, sales and business strategies on your own….

  • Never finding the time to focus on it.
  • Not having a path and a guide . . . floundering with too many disconnected and disorganized ideas.
  • Takes too much time to pour through hundreds of books and courses.
  • Change is hard; too easy to fall back into comfortable habits.
  • Feeling like an “odd duck,” resistance or criticism from others.

By participating in the Veterinary Practice Profits Veterinary Mastermind Group, you gain…

  • Forced focus: at each meeting, all cellphones are off, all distractions at bay, you are in a protected time, place and environment with a group of people focused entirely on “what can we do to improve our businesses.”
  • A Capable Guide: as Marketing and Business Growth Experts – we will be leading you along an organized, proven path to progressive, positive improvements.
  • High-Priority Curriculum: a series of EXCLUSIVE mini-lesson DVD presentations, supported by Hand-Outs; Examples; and selected Reference Material . . . condensed, concise, designed for immediate practical application.
  • Coaching: every top performer uses “coaches,” from Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods to CEO’s and entrepreneurs . . . to “push” them about change. I have been trained and certified by Dan Kennedy and receive continued training in effective coaching techniques, based on the experience of the USA’s most successful marketing and business gurus experience in coaching entrepreneurs to breakthroughs in business, income and wealth
  • Group Reinforcement: anytime you attempt change in your business, you’re bound to encounter skepticism, resistance, criticism and procrastination from others around you . . . now, finally, you’ll have a group of like-minded, progressive veterinary practice owners successfully applying the same ideas to strengthen the courage of your convictions

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