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For Veterinary Practice Owners who haven’t got a website or have one and don’t know if it gets them any business:

How To Consistently Bring In A Flood Of Pet Owners
From The Internet Each And Every Month!

If You Don’t Have A ‘Client Attracting’ Website You Could be Leaving Thousands Of Dollars On The Table!

If you’d like a new way to add more clients and more revenue to your practice that’s so effective, it will work for you 24 hours a day even when you’re sleeping… then this could be the most important web page you read this year.

You see.. most veterinary practices fall into one of two categories:

  1. They have a website but can’t be sure it attracts new clients to their practice.
  2. They don’t have a website at all and don’t see why they should have one.

Now this is an incredible waste. Did you know that there are pet owners in your area that are using the Internet to find a veterinary practice, right now? Some are searching for a solution to their pets ailiment and some are a specifically looking for a veterinary practice because they want to have their pet checked out or they have just moved into the area.

Let me give you a quick example…

We are based just North of Orlando, FL and every month there are 4,230 searches done in Google for the following terms combined:

  • orlando veterinary clinic
  • orlando vet
  • orlando vets

That doesn’t include other combinations such using the word ‘practice’ or ‘animal hospital’, that’s 4,230 searches just on those three phrases. It also doesn’t include Orlando pet owners who haven’t used the word ‘Orlando’ in their search e.g. they just entered ‘veterinary clinic’ or ‘vet practice’. Neither does it include pet owners searching for specific solutions such as ‘itchy dog’ or ‘dogs breath smells’. If we included those searches then the number would be far higher.

We can also tell you that even if your practice is based in a small town or city while there will be hundreds of similar searches being made each month in your area.

Where do you suppose these pet owners are going after Google gives them a list of results?

Well if you haven’t got a website then we can guarantee they are not ending up in your practice!

Now if you aready have a website then you maybe giving yourself a pat on the back after reading that but just having a website is not the end of the story.

Don’t get us wrong, having a website is an essential if you want your practice to survive, never mind grow, but do you really understand what the purpose of a website is?

For instance, do you know many prospective clients visit your website on a daily basis? Notice we said ‘prospective clients’ not ‘website visitors’ as the two are not necessarily related.

Is Your Website Earning Its Keep?

Your website should only exist to serve one of the following functions:

  1. To collect information on prospective clients so that you can market to them.
  2. To turn prospects into clients.
  3. To sell pet related products and services.
  4. To help new and existing clients interact with you in a way that benefits both parties such as letting them know your practice hours and how to find you.

If your website doesn’t do 1, 2 or 3 then we can tell you with a high degree of certainty that it does NOT contribute to your bottom line.

Your website should ‘earn it’s keep’ and meet the targets you set it just like any other sales or marketing person would have to.

You must have a complete system for taking the local pet owner searching for your services from sitting at her computer to bringing her pet into your practice. Not having a system will handicap you as much a professional golfer would be if he only had one club in his bag, especially if his competitors had a full set!

By the way, your website doesn’t have to be flashy to get you business but it does have to be functional. In fact creating an online system to attract clients is very formulaic you just need to know which pieces of the Internet jigsaw you need and how to fit them together.

Luckily for you, we are master Internet jigsaw builders and we can help you put the pieces together.

So if you would like more information on how you could be adding more clients and revenue to your practice every month then fill out the form below:

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