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‘The Secrets To Growing Your Veterinary Practice In The New
Economy…You Were Never Taught At Veterinary School’

In this hour long seminar Dean Biggs, co-author of ‘Secrets To Growing Your Veterinary Practice In The New Economy’ will share some practical MUST KNOW strategies your members were never taught at Veterinary School including:

  • Why we’re living in a New Economy and how it affects veterinary practices. (Knowing this will give you a wakeup call!)
  • The cold hard facts that 95% of veterinary practice owners find hard to take but give the top 5% bigger profits, faster growth, more time off and less stress. (This insiders secret is the key to spending more guilt-free vacations with your family while your practice continues to grow without you on autopilot.)
  • “The 3 Irrefutable Pillars Of Veterinary Practice Growth” and the compound effect applying each one will have on your profits. (When you master these pillars you’re life will never be the same again.)
  • How to attract a flood of new clients into your practice each month “like clockwork” without dropping your prices! (Once you know this insider secret you will never have to worry about getting new clients through your doors again!)
  • How to prevent your clients from being “poached like cattle” by your competitors. (Learn the proven strategy for “building a fence around your herd” that will keep them with you for life!)
  • How to increase your average revenue per client without increasing your prices, including the super simple tactic that McDonalds used to double their profits worldwide that you can use in your veterinary practice too! (This astonishingly easy technique is well used by smart business but ignored by 99% of veterinary practice owners!)
  • How to set the foundations that all successful practices are built on, without which could sink you like a ‘brick in quicksand’! (If you have any ambitions to open multiple practices then these foundations are vital!)
  • The #1 strategy that, when implemented, will automatically allow you to increase your prices without resistance while retaining more clients, getting more referrals and creating more trust with your clients than ever before! (This same strategy made Walt Disney a wealthy man and can be implemented into your practice!)

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